Progress Update 

Now we have a clear idea of the Sport England investment strategy after its launch last week (May 2016) it is clear that ne forms of funding are going to feature heavily in getting the nation active.
Behind the scenes we have been making slow but steady progress scoping the potential for social investment models in Sport. We have fortunately had the experience of the Arts Fund startup to help guide us through what we are able to achieve. There is also plenty of support from the key players in the sector who are keen to make this happen.
What we need right now are examples of organisations who think they are interested in signing up for this new area of financing and more importantly feel they are ready to pass the tests for capacity and contract readiness. Later this year we hope to be able to demonstrate the sector can make use of these funding opportunities. So watch out for more details over the summer. 
Just a polite reminder to those who have been in touch – but Social investment is not free money or a grant. This is an investment in your organisations ability to deliver a social outcome for an investor or a commissioning body. It requires high financial literacy and contract readiness as well as a sound business model. 
Watch out for further news during the summer and some ways you may be able to help as we survey the potential in the sector.

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